Sunday, April 4, 2010

Victorian Photos

I created these images in my studio using natural lighting from the picture window to the left and lots pf props (plants, vases, shear drapery). My goal was to create a portrait with a Victorian style setting almost apearing to be a painting as opposed to a photograph.
A friend of mine agreed to be my model for this set of photos. I have used her before and found her to be very effective. I particularly love the soft flow of the skirting around the knee in the far right photo and the classic "S" shape of the pose and lighting around her face.
The only editing I needed with these photos were a little cropping and some desaturation of color on two of the photos to help give a more period look. The third photo, I created a second layer and desaturated it. Then using variety of different opaque settings, deleted some of the desaturated layer to add color to the roses, the scarf, parasol, dress and and portions of the face. This gave the effect of a black and white photo which had been colorized.
I use Photoshop for almost all of my editing, and enjoy the variety and editing options offered. I have more of these photos posted on flickr.

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