Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Preparing Yourself for a Photo Portrait Session

Preparing for a Portrait Session:

                      WHAT TO WEAR

I have heard some people say, "Don't wear white"
This is not necessarily true.   It all depends on your complexion, the lighting used, background and where is the white.   If you are a bride or having photos done for a Christening, you can't help but wear white. 

Wear something appropriate.
        If summer, summer clothes                                      
        For holidays mailers, dress for
        the season
Be comfortable.  
      Try on your clothes before .
       your photo shoot.          
       Make sure the clothes fit
       Match the correct colors for
       Neck Line - vee or scoop neck is
      good for full face or short neck

~  Keep it simple                                  
         Solid colors are best.                                                
         Unless you have great arms wear sleeves     
         Avoid large or bold patterns and bright colors.          
         Coordinate your attire for full lenghth poses
         They draw attention away from the face.                   
          Darker colors usually minimize body size

~  For group photos dress everyone in the same style
        Don't mix casual and formal                         
        Keep tones similar 
        Prints arefor ties & scarves, not shirts
        or blouses       
        Don't mix seasons

                       POSING IDEAS

Your photographer should be able to direct you on your poses, but
 here are some "heads up":

~  Relax
         If you are tense, uncomfortable nervous, this will reflect
         and show in your pictures.  Take a deep breath, blow
         out slowly. Literally shake it off.  
         Shake your shoulders. Laugh, giggle, think of a joke.
         (hopefully your photographer will work with you on this)
~  Shoulders back
         Posture is very important.   It projects your attitude,
         and improves your appearance including making you look
         slimmer, self confident and sexier

~  Straight on facing the camera like a DMV photo is not
          normally recommended. 
          Turn one should slightly away from the camera and then
           turn your face toward the camera.  This gives a slimming
           and very flattering effect.

           Occationally, straigh on head shots can work for a special

~  Especially for women.  Tilt your head slightly This gives a more
            relaxed and impromptude appearance and very flattering
           for the ladies. 

~  Chin down.
         Unless the photographer is higher than you.   Many people
          feel they need to lift their chin to the air.  This gives a
          strained and haughty look to the subject.   Chin down eyes
          up makes your eyes look larger.  Listen to your
          photographer and remember, to minimumize  your
          movements.   When they tell you to look up, move just a
          little, they will tell you if you need to move more. 

         If the photographer is above you, lifting your chin is great and
         helps deminish double chins.

~  Turn your back to the camera and look over your shoulder.
          Don't strain.   Only as much as you can do comfortably