Saturday, April 3, 2010

How did this come about?

I plan on using this blog to not only promote my business, but to share with others, challenges and successes in my new career path and encourage others to seek after those things which bring them joy either professionally or personally. I will no doubt include personal information along with business experiences and how they help me as a photographer and a person. First let me share what brought this all about with a with a brief recently history of events.

In 2008 my employer announced that the department in which I worked was moving to another city. Due to family and other committments and issues, I chose not to move with my job. I was not the only one to make this decision, contrary to the belief of some of the upper management people who decided this was a good move for the company. Out of the over 250 people in the departments involved, less than a half a dozen employees made the move. The rest of us stayed in the Dayton Area and changed our career paths.

I have been taken photographs for many years; personally, and as part of an unofficial part of my job. I was greatful for the art and photography classes from years past, and for the opportunities to put into practice what I had learned and experiment with other styles and presentations. For years I had been taking photos of events and employees at work, many of which were used in publications and by the individuals in the photos for personal use. I have also been doing photography for friends and family of their weddings and other special events. Due to much encouragement and support by friends, family and other photography associates, I made my decision.

I took advantage of the schooling offered to me and took some additional photography classes and receive my Certification of Photography Technologies. I was able to enhance my skills and experiment with new and different techniques and improve my digital photography editing skills. Working from my home, I was able to network with others and create my own photography business. Weddings, Portraits, and Art Photos became a daily occurance. If I was not taking photographs, I was editing, experimenting and honing my skills in working with lighting, props, outside photography studio and developing my portfolio. I went from using my artistic side of my brain as recreation and distraction to it being a dominate part of my life, and I was enjoying every bit of it. Even with some of my experiments didn't quite work out the way I had hoped, I learned from it, and moved on to make the necessary changes.

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