Thursday, November 29, 2012

Before and After Photo Edits

Occationally, the need arises for some drastic photo edits.   It could be complexion issues, removing people or objects, or enhancements to make the shot more clean looking. 

Recently I did a wedding where the flowergirl showed up with pink-eye.  

Basically, I copied and pasted the right eye to the left eye and then rotated, erased where needed, and merged the photos.   Some edits are more involved.  

At this next wedding, we took some post wedding shots at a local downtown spot with some great water fountains.   Unfortunately, it was a very hot day, and we weren't the only ones with this idea.
A little more work was involved here.
  Mostly a lot of cut and paste, from this shot and a few others.  (Click the photo for more details of the shirtless man in the background.   I also removed the people at the take behind him)

This next photo, is from two merged images.   The sunset was behind a fence and dumpster, No way to take the photo of the couple with this in the background.  It was such a lovely sunset, I hated to waste it.   I climed up a little and positioned the camera to get only the Sunset and river background.   A previous photo from earlier in the evening worked great. 

Sometimes its just fun to play with special effects to make a photo interesting:

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