Monday, July 2, 2012

Fun Photos with Post-Production Edits

Making Your Photos Fun With Photoshop, GreenScreen, And Other Post-Poduction Edits

Part I

You don't need a lot of props, backdrops or backgrounds or have to travel to exotic places to have fun photos.    Why not add or enhance your photo shoots with some great post production edits.

White backdrop and umbrella for sword.   After finding an appropriate prop and backdrop, using PhotoShop, I added these to the photo and made more fun.  

I added this cute guy to a photo of a storage shed or play house.  

Then I desaturated the color and added light sepia for effect.

There are programs out there which allow you to "green screen" your photos but if you work with your set ups, and learn the edit programs, you can do this without the expense of purchasing another program for your computer.

Make your own backgrounds, or search for subjects to use.  See Below:

In this one, I took a photo of a beautiful painting and then had my neice pose similar to the subject and added her to the painting and changed the color tone to match the colors in her dress.   The original painting is titled  The Song of the Nightingale, by William Adolphe Bouguereau

Sometimes, situations prevent the ideal photo from being taken.  But with some creative thinking, you can achieve the effects you want.

I was doing a wedding last year, and wanted to take a photo of the bride and groom at sunset.  There was a large fence in the way which prevented this photo to be taken.  So, I had the bride and groom, kiss, took the photo and then went outside,  took a photo of the sunset through the fence and using photoshop layers, and cutting away the areas I no longer wanted created this great photo.  Can you tell?  

Keep an eye out here for other ideas


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